What is a Chit?​

A Chit is a kind of savings scheme practiced in India. A chit fund company is a company that manages, conducts, or supervises a chit scheme—as defined in Section of the Chit Funds Act, 1982.

Why Chit Fund?

Chit fund provides a good source of finance for different type of people viz., small investors, businessmen, small scale industrialists etc. A Chit is the Only Financial Product that allows you to Save and Borrow.

How it Works?

The basic necessity of conducting a ‘Chit’ is a group of needy people called subscribers. The foreman—the company conducting the chit—brings these people together and conducts the chit.

Our Company Profile

J.N Chit Funds is one of the largest and fast growing chit companies in Chennai. We have customers across South India. The Company conduct chits ranging from 1,00,000/- to 30,00,000/- catering the needs of Individuals, Professionals, business people and everybody in need.

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Our Team

JN Chit fund has grown in stature and size, through hard work, selfless service of,

Dr. M.V. Narayana Gupta

Managing Director

Founder of JN Chit Funds with a great mission to help customers grow in wealth & status

M.V.N. Mahendra Babu

Executive Director

An young & energetic entrepreneur, a tireless hard worker and dedicated leader


  • Whenever I have approached J.N Chits, I have never been disappointed. I am associated to the company for 25 years now and whenever I needed financial help and I needed to execute the biggest of the orders I was able to do it because of chit fund schemes at J.N Chits. If we keep on investing small amount of money with the company, in the end we have a huge capital in hand, which can be used for personal purposes or business purposes.

    Mr. Jayavasanthan

    Founder, SOCAmps CROI
  • I am grateful to J.N Chit Funds Private Limited, that I have been able to increase my business to this level. All the transactions are legal and cheque driven. I hope that with the help of J.N Chits all the manufacturers are able to double their business.

    Issac Precious Stephen

    Mr. Precious

    Software Engineer

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